Coronavirus Update 10 – May 21

What’s been happening while you’ve been in lockdown

By resort manager, Rachel Littleworth and team

At the end of the March the resort closed its doors to our owners and guests. Silence on the resort, a very strange atmosphere.

For the first couple of weeks the whole island was on strict lockdown, police roadblocks checking where you are going, only one person in the car to go to the supermarket and hefty fines if you disobeyed the lockdown.

Spain has taken the lockdown very seriously. Luckily, during this time we could still clean the pools, water and weed the gardens and complete any essential maintenance.

We all needed certificates to prove that we worked at Club Las Calas, the police demanded these and your identification paperwork before they would let you continue your journey to work.

After the initial two weeks, permission was granted to continue with non-essential maintenance, housekeeping and administration work on the resort. So, maintenance started checking and painting the apartments with Carmen (head of housekeeping) and a small team following behind, completing a full deep clean.  This work will continue whilst we are closed and our aim is to complete as many apartments as possible.

Administration are also working keeping the bills paid and dealing with staffing and local governance matters, which always involve a lot of Spanish red tape! Mario is working hard dealing with any reservation queries and also finding time to take fantastic pictures of the resort for you (on Facebook and Instagram). I’m also here working supporting the team, preparing Club Las Calas for your return.

The drains on the terrace area outside 301 up to 305 have been causing water ingress in the Leisure Centre above the children’s play area. These have now all been sealed and a special water-resistant membrane used to resolve this problem. Two days after completion this area was put to the test when we had torrential rain for several hours, the leisure centre was checked and not a drop of rain water had penetrated into the children’s area.

Maintenance has also been carrying out the projects which have been scheduled and budgeted for throughout this year and early next year.

Calas 1 was scheduled to be closed next January to replace the mains water feed, situated under the ground floor apartments, which is very old and had started to deteriorate resulting in leaking pipes. This work would have caused massive disruption, so the whole of Calas 1 had been scheduled to be closed. Now the work has been started, this will free up space in Calas I in January, great news.

During the closure in January, we had also scheduled the Calas 1 pool to be re-fibre-glassed and any necessary repairs carried out. Now this work has been started, that will be another noisy, dusty and disruptive project completed without affecting our guests.

We also had scheduled work at the side of the 361 kitchen and in front of apartments 328 and 329. The whole tiled pathway and communal area needed retiling and levelling to reduce water ingress and water collection. This is on the list to be completed before we reopen our doors.

Check out the reception refurbishment

Just before closure we had a serious leak in Calas 3 in front of the apartments opposite 361, 313 to 318. We needed to replace this mains water feed pipe. And, because we didn’t need to worry about noise and disruption, we also took the opportunity to renew the pipework into these apartments and to lay the pipework for the new Fire and Safety hose system that we have been advised is needed.

As this meant breaking the terrace area of 308 we have replaced the old ties with beautiful new non-slip ones.

The green railings in front of Skyline have been replaced with modern glass panels. This area now looks even more inviting and ready for you to sit with your first drink to celebrate your return to Club Las Calas.

We have also taken the opportunity to deep clean and fumigate both bars and restaurants, clean the kitchen extractors and hope to be able to reinstall the pump soft drinks machine in 361.

Fire and Safety is always a top priority and, in line with legislation and recent advice, we needed to increase the amount of existing fire hoses as every apartment has to be reached by a fire hose. So, as you can imagine this is a big project that would have caused noise and disruption, so another task we want to complete during the lockdown.

The hot water storage tanks have arrived and will be fitted in the very near future – no more brown water we hope! Again, installation would have caused major disruption to guests and reduced the supply of hot water for a couple of days and maintenance would have had to work through the night to try and keep the disruption to a minimum. We really are making the most of the lockdown!!

One area that is very difficult to schedule while the resort is open is refurbishing reception. Improvements have been planned for some time and are now work in progress.

We have gutted reception and are moving the reception counter to the back, in front of the windows which look out over the Calas 2 pool area. We are going for a modern look and, as well as improving the flow of people waiting to check in, we hope it will give a real WOW factor when you walk in.

Even the front entrance is getting a makeover and the entrance steps are being re-tiled with non-slip tiles. We are also trying to find a way to make the entrance more disabled-friendly, but this is no easy task.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to Club Las Calas. We don’t know when that will be, but until then we will keep working hard to ensure the resort is ready for your return.

Rachel and the Team

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