Coronavirus Update 6 – April 7

Information for owners

Advice for owners who are unable to travel to Club Las Calas in their ownership weeks whilst Government restrictions are in place:

There are three main options for owners to consider:

Check for cover with your travel insurers

It may be possible for you to claim your maintenance fees as accommodation costs under the terms of your travel insurance.

Individual insurers will have their own policies with respect to whether timeshare maintenance fees are covered or not, therefore you need to contact your provider directly to understand your personal policy cover.

Please contact admin@resort-solutions.co.uk if you need proof of your accommodation dates for insurance purposes.

Bank your weeks with an exchange organisation

If you are unsure whether you will be able to travel or not, our advice would be to bank those weeks with either RCI (if you are a member of that organisation) or Dial an Exchange.

Various costs will or may be payable depending upon which organisation you use and the length of time in advance that you bank your weeks.

However, in both cases, it will be possible to take your exchange weeks within two to three years of your banking your weeks (subject to the terms of the respective organisation).

Contact details for the respective exchange organisations are as follows:


Website:        www.rci.com

Telephone:   0345 60 86 380

Dial an Exchange

Website:        www.dialanexchange.com

Telephone:   01756 749966

Request an internal exchange for later in the same maintenance fee year

Club Las Calas owners have always been able to request an internal exchange for occupancy later in the same maintenance fee year. This is subject to the request being made at least eight weeks in advance of their occupancy date and to there being available capacity into which to exchange.

All internal exchanges are subject to a non-refundable transaction fee of £70, which applies to each block of weeks you are moving.

For example, if you own two weeks in June and you would like to take those weeks in December, the charge would be £70 for arranging the internal exchange.

However, if you wanted to take one week in October and the other week in December, the charge would be £140, as that would represent two separate bookings.

If you would like to enquire about availability for an internal exchange, please contact Resort Solutions on admin@resort-solutions.co.uk

It is important to highlight that as Spanish Government advice and FCO guidance on foreign travel is changing on a regular basis, we advise you to consider this prior to making any decisions/requests.

Therefore anyone considering this option should check all relevant advice prior to making their decision to proceed.

For owners suffering from a significant reduction in income

The Committee recognises that the current situation will be placing additional strain on some household finances, particularly those with jobs in industries that have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak, those with small businesses of their own and the self-employed.

If there are any owners who are experiencing extreme financial hardship, they should contact Resort Solutions on admin@resort-solutions.co.uk to see what additional arrangements can be made.

Maintenance fees

Some owners are suggesting the Club should give a refund on maintenance fees in the event they are unable to travel to Club Las Calas whilst Government restrictions are in place.

Unfortunately, we are not able to soften the unavoidable message that maintenance fees on owners’ weeks cannot be refunded in the event owners are unable to occupy their weeks.

Whilst the resort remains closed, there are still overheads which need to be met, to include on-going costs to keep the resort and its contents secure, on-going maintenance work subject to local restrictions and staffing costs for staff who remain available to work.

We are all owners of Club Las Calas and share the same responsibility to ensure that Club Las Calas can continue to offer fantastic holidays when we come through this global emergency.

At this time, the Committee is having to make difficult decisions to navigate these unchartered waters and appreciate your understanding and support.

Consumer warning: Timeshare Consumer Association

Consumer warning: Timeshare Consumer Association

An increasing number of members have been in contact with the committee and RSL with regards to activity by Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA). Please check here for information and important links.

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