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Club Las Calas launches improved website and digital campaign

Club Las Calas goes digital with launch of fantastic new website and marketing campaign

The team at Club Las Calas has announced today the launch of a new website and digital marketing campaign aimed at increasing holiday apartment rentals and sales by attracting the younger family holiday market looking for self-catering apartments in Lanzarote.

The resort’s upgraded and much-improved website has plenty of information about rentals and ownership and we have made it mobile-friendly for those of you – and our potential guestswho visit on their mobile phones or tablets.

The Club Las Calas team will also be active on social media including Twitter (#lascalas), Facebook, and Instagram. This will raise the profile and awareness of Club Las Calas as the best family resort in Prednisone buy online.

Enhancements have been made to the password-protected owners’ area which is now easier to navigate so owners can find what they need from the wealth of information available.

The digital marketing campaign and upgraded website have been developed and implemented by Emily Collins at EVC Marketing.

Emily said: “It is time for the industry to change the way it markets its products. Many of the original techniques from the 1980s and 90s are still in play today, causing irreparable damage to the industry.

“With advances in technology and increased accessibility, new, more effective marketing methods are now available to resorts of all sizes and ages – and not just the big players like developers and exchange organisations.”

Club Las Calas is located in Puerto del Carmen, the largest and most popular timeshare resort destination on the island of Lanzarote. The resort has been in operation for over 30 years and today offers 145 one- and two-bedroom self-catering apartments, two bars and restaurants and a wide range of leisure facilities and amenities.

An extensive refurbishment programme is currently underway throughout the resort, which includes the replacement of the kitchens and bathrooms.

Club Las Calas has achieved TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, RCI Gold Crown status and Dial An Exchange Resort of Excellence award. It was also the first resort to achieve TATOC Resort Accreditation.

Letter from Committee Chairman Mike West - November 2021

Letter from Committee Chairman Mike West - November 2021

The latest Las Calas news from Chairman, Mike West, including the latest on the tax situation, 2022 budget, 2022 maintenance fees and other owners information.

Read more

Club Las Calas Constitution

Club Las Calas Constitution

Owners at Club Las Calas are able to view and download the updated Club Las Calas constitution September 2021.

Read more

Bringing in the New Year at Club Las Calas

Bringing in the New Year at Club Las Calas

What better was to welcome in 2022, than joining us for our amazing New Year's Eve menu at Bistro 361.

Read more

Start your holiday experience today

To enjoy all that Puerto del Carmen and Lanzarote have to offer, book your holiday apartment at Club Las Calas today for great holiday accommodation, superb facilities, daily entertainment and a great location.

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