Welcome to Club Las Calas

Hello, and welcome!

The staff and management at Club Las Calas welcome you to the resort and the beautiful island of Lanzarote. The following pages give you some useful information on what we have to offer ‘on-site’, as well as what there is to be seen on this beautiful volcanic island.

Our aim is to help you have an enjoyable and trouble free holiday so should you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact reception or any of the management staff.

Please remember to visit our website at to keep up with all the latest news about our resort.

Enjoy your stay!

Your Resort Team



Resort Map

Club Las Calas Resort Map


Please read these instructions before using your in-house telephone.

Making calls from your room




Please see the following page for more information on what to do in an emergency.



for an external line
Followed by



Dial 9 to contact reception for any other assistance.

Reception is open from 08:00 until midnight.


Dial the room number


Extension 710


Extension 720


E.g. Local call:
0 928 51 44 45

International call:
0 0044 1858 434743

(Remember to drop the first “0” from the area code on an international call).

Please note that the reception is open every day from 08:00 until Midnight so outside these hours you will not be connected by dialling “9”.

Incoming calls cannot be transferred to rooms outside of reception opening hours.

When reception is closed, we have a night porter on duty. However, some of his duties involve patrolling the resort so he may not be in reception at certain times during the night.


Should you require the NATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES (AMBULANCE, POLICE OR FIRE BRIGADE) you will need to dial the following freephone number

If calling from your apartment, remember to dial “0” first for an external line followed by:


Please note this service does
NOT guarantee English speaking assistance

When the operator takes your call, please be ready to give the following information:



For any urgent problems regarding the resort or
your apartment, you can contact the manager on duty by calling:-

690 006 016

If you need a doctor in the night, then please use the Emergency Services information above.

If it is not an emergency please see the receptionist in the morning when they open or pop in and see our Customer Liaison located in The Hub.


The reception area is located on Las Calas II and is open every day from 08:00 until midnight.

To call reception from your apartment, just dial 9

Las Calas Reception

Reception offers the following services:

- Excursions
- Car Hire
- Taxis and mini bus service to the airport
- Medical assistance (when necessary)
- Flight Confirmation
- Storage boxes available for hire
- Radiators available for hire

Reception is also the place where any problems need to be reported. To help maintain resort standards, please report any problems - no matter how big or small.

When reception is closed, we have a ‘night porter’ on duty.

Please remember that the night porter cannot perform all of the receptionist’s duties and is there only to make sure that everyone and everything is safe throughout the night.

Please DO NOT ask the night porter to perform any refunds of deposits as he is not permitted to do this.


Trips & Excursions

We have many excursions available which can be booked through reception. More information and leaflets can also be found in ‘The Hub’ located to the right of Skyline in Calas II.

Please see below some of the options we have available:

Grand Tour Lanzarote Excursion

Grand Tour

Explore all of Lanzarote with this full tour visiting all of the Main attractions including Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua, Jardín de Cactus, La Geria, Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, El Golfo, Los Hervideros & Las Salinas de Janubio.

South Tour

Explore the south of Lanzarote visiting the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, Camels, El Golfo, El Lago Verde, Los Hervideros, La Geria & Panoramic views of Las Salinas de Janubio.

South Tour Lanzarote Excursion
Wine Tour Lanzarote Excursion

Wine Tours Lanzarote

Offering a range of highly personal experiences and tours of the island’s finest vineyards and craft breweries.

The tours go daily and are in a maximum group size of 8 led by a qualified guide, who will give you an insight into the truly unique cultivation and wines while in our beautiful volcanic landscape.


Offering luxury catamaran excursions setting sail from Puerto Calero. They offer day trips where you’re taken to the south of Lanzarote and anchor off the beautiful beaches of Papagayo where you can swim, snorkel and paddle board. They also offer an afternoon trip and private charters so there is something for everyone.

Catlanza Lanzarote Excursion


Trips & Excursions

We have many excursions available which can be booked through reception. More information and leaflets can also be found in ‘The Hub’ located to the right of Skyline in Calas II.

Please see below some of the options we have available:

Submarine Safari Lanzarote Excursion

Submarine Safaris

Submarine Safaris is your chance to adventure 30m/100ft to the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean. Setting off from Puerto Calero Marina you can enjoy the sights of eerie shipwrecks and a variety of amazing marine life.

Lanzarote Karting

Lanzarote Karting in San Bartolome is one of the most Popular attractions on Lanzarote. With its unique hillside location, it has a stunning panoramic ocean view. With karts available to suit all ages and abilities along with three circuits to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lanzarote Karting Excursion
Aqua Lava Waterpark Lanzarote Excursion

Aqualava Waterpark

Enjoy a fun-filled day at Aqualava waterpark located in Playa Blanca to the south of Lanzarote.

Open all year round.

Buggies Lanzarote

Buggies Lanzarote based in Puerto Calero Marina have tailor made buggy tours that will lead you along exciting off road tracks right through the very heart of Lanzarote, giving you a unique way to discover some of the most spectacular and unearthly volcanic landscapes this beautiful island has to offer.

Buggies Tour Lanzarote Excursion


Must See Places in Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park

The Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains) were created between 1730 and 1736 when more than 100 volcanoes, covering more than 50km2, rose up and devastated this part of the island (including several villages). In 1968 the area was declared a national park, Parque Nacional de Timanfaya.

The crater route takes you around the best scenery in the park showing spectacular lava flows of different textures and colours. You will witness several demonstrations of ‘how hot’ the area is (temperatures just a few metres below the surface reach between 400oC and 600oC). Dry brush thrown down into a hole in the ground catches fire immediately, while water poured into a bore hole erupted seconds later in the form of steam - like a mini-geyser.

Mirador del Rio

This spectacular viewpoint carved into the cliff-edge and created by César Manrique provides amazing views if the Chinijo Archipelago, which consists of La Graciosa,Montaña Clara and Alegranza as well as the islets of Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Cueva de las Verdes (The Green Caves)

The Cueva de las Verdes or Green Caves are part of the Atlántida underground cave system formed some 3000 years ago during the eruptions of the Corona Volcano. The tunnel is over 6 km long with man additional 1.6 km under the sea and is one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. The caves are definitely worth a visit and if the molten wax-like rock isn’t enough to impress you, the secret of Cueva de los Verdes will be.

Jameos del Agua

In this volcanic cave in the north of Lanzarote, it is impossible not to be affected by the quiet, almost magical atmosphere. Its natural lake, within the cave itself, is slightly illuminated by the sun and is home to an albino crab, unique in the world. Next to the cave which is home to these creatures is a garden of palm trees with an artificial lake and also a museum devoted to volcanoes which provides several interactive activities. Moreover, the auditorium built inside takes advantage of the acoustics of this volcanic cave and hosts all kinds of concerts and events within a unique landscape.


Must See Places in Lanzarote

El Golfo

Amongst all of the Volcanic spectacles in Lanzarote, the green lagoon located beside the village of El Golfo is perhaps the strangest-looking and most other-worldly. The Charco or Laguna de los Clicos, to give its correct title, is also known as Lago Verde, but many simply call it ‘El Golfo’. The green lagoon is located inside the semi-circular remains of a volcanic cone, that has been eroded on one side by the sea. Its strange green colour is caused by a type of algal phytoplankton that thrives in the filtered seawater.

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros (literally the ‘Boiling Waters’) are a series of caves and blow holes which have been eroded into a former lava flow. As the waves crash into the caves, mountains of white surf are produced, giving the appearance of ‘Boiling Waters’. Here it is possible to walk around the cliffs and watch the breakers crash into the caves from one of the natural ‘balconies’.

El Jardín del Cactus (The Cactus Garden)

El Jardín del Cactus (The Cactus Garden) was designed on the site of ancient lava ash, by the late Lanzarote artist César Manrique. This impressive collection of Cacti, which were selected by the Botanist Estanislao González Ferrer, features well over 1000 species of Cactus.

The César Manrique Foundation

Located in Taro de Tahiche (close to Costa Teguise). It is probably the work that best represents Manrique’s artistic and personal ideas. César Manrique’s house was built in 1968 on top of a volcanic trail from a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1730-36. It uses the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles for the main rooms within the house. The outside of the house and upper level is inspired by the traditional architecture of Lanzarote.


The old capital of Lanzarote until 1852, has become one of the main tourist and cultural centres on the island. Its streets with their palaces, convents and squares stand witness to the passing of the centuries with their 1001 stories. The Villa de Teguise, a major tourist and cultural centre, becomes the main attraction every Sunday. It hosts the largest outdoor flea market on the island where you can find all kinds of goods at reasonable prices. It’s held every Sunday morning and always attracts large crowds. Crafts, textiles, art, decorations, and much more... It’s the perfect place to buy your gifts and souvenirs.


Car Hire

We recommend Autos Cabrera Medina for car hire. They offer fully comprehensive insurance cover and reliable, late model cars. Please see below, and on the following pages, for the current options (subject to Availability).

Car Hire Rental Prices


Car Hire

Car Hire Rental Prices


Mini Bus & Taxi Services

Lanzarote Airport Minibus

Mini Bus Transfer

We offer a private mini bus service that can be booked for your transfer to the airport on your departure day.

The price for this service is:

1-4 People


5-8 People


Please book this service with the reception on the Monday or Tuesday prior to your departure on Thursday.

If you are planning on returning to Club Las Calas for your next holiday then the mini bus service can also be booked for arrivals bringing you from the airport to the resort. For more information on how to book this, please contact Resort Solutions.

Taxi Transfers

If you prefer to book a taxi to the airport, we can also arrange this for you. We are connected to the main taxi network of Puerto Del Carmen and taxis can be ordered from Reception.

We would remind you that Thursday is a changeover day at many resorts on the island of Lanzarote and taxis are in great demand.

Lanzarote Taxis

So, to ensure getting to the airport on time for a Thursday departure, taxis must be booked before 18:00 hours on the Wednesday.



Storage Boxes for hire

For owners and regular guests to the resort, who wish to store items here at the resort until their next visit, we have storage boxes available to hire. We would advise all guests using this facility, that we discourage glass bottles and valuables from being placed in the boxes. Club Las Calas does not accept any liability for loss or damage of the box or its contents.

Laundry Service

A laundry room facility is located in the Calas III underground area for your convenience. Tokens can be purchased from the reception. A detergent vending machine is also available in the laundry area.

Local Bus Service

Please ask Reception for more details.

Flight Confirmation

We recommend that you confirm your flight 48 hours prior to departure. Please bring your tickets down to Reception, where our receptionist will be more than happy to confirm your flights for you.

Other available items

Radiators & fans are available to rent for your comfort. We also have hand held grabbers and stepladders for the vertically challenged and bath seats and toilet seat raisers for anyone with mobility difficulties.

We have wheelchairs available to rent on request.

A food blender for baby food is available on request.

We have baby gates, cots, highchairs and a baby listener device available on request.


Departure Procedure

We would remind guests that apartments must be vacated by 10:00 hours on the day of you departure.

Should you wish to take a shower, we have two courtesy areas in the underground. You can simply bring the towels down from the apartment which you are vacating, but please remember to leave them in the bins provided when you depart.

Club Las Calas Departure Procedures

If you are due to depart before 08:00 hours, please remember to clear all telephone accounts the day before at reception. If you have paid your deposit with cash then you will need to have your apartment checked and your money refunded, this can be arranged with the receptionist.

Please complete our feedback form that was given to you on your arrival, so we can continue to improve your holiday experience.

Please wait outside reception for your taxi or mini bus. The driver will know your room number. Should you wish the taxi to pick up your cases or guests from another part of the resort, you will still need to wait at reception and guide the driver to your pick-up point.

For any other queries regarding your departure, please do not hesitate to Contact reception.

Resort Services

Maintenance & Housekeeping

We have maintenance available from

08.00-21.00 Monday - Friday.
08.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 20.00 Saturday
10.00 – 14.00 Sunday.

Maids are available from 08.00 – 15.00 hours
Monday – Friday

Apartment cleaning, linen and towel change as shown below

Day of Week

One Week Stay

Two Week Stay

Arrival Day Thursday

Fully cleaned and prepared for arrival





Apartment Cleaned,
Clean Linen & Towels

Apartment Cleaned,
Clean Linen & Towels



Apartment Cleaned


Departure Day


Apartment Cleaned





Apartment Cleaned


Place your towels on the towel rail to USE THEM AGAIN

Place your towels in the bath before 10am to HAVE THEM CHANGED

(If your towels are not placed in the bath before 10am we cannot guarantee a towel change)

Your apartment has been serviced with care but, if you find any Maintenance faults, broken items or if we have overlooked something, please contact Reception on ext. 9.

We want you to have an enjoyable and trouble-free holiday and our aim is to repair any faults within the day of being reported.

Resort Services

Respect the resort & your neighbours

We work very hard to make Club Las Calas a wonderful place to holiday. To help us keep it this way and ensure that everyone enjoys their holiday, please respect our on-site rules.

- Children under 13 years of age should be supervised after 21:00 hours.

- Please don’t remove the black gravel (picon) from the flower pots and gardens.

- If you require pool/beach towels, these can be hired from the Leisure Centre - Please don’t use the apartment towels around the pool.

- Please do not feed the birds or cats. Remember some people are allergic to cat hair and if you encourage cats into your apartment they may return the following week and could not be seen as welcome and/or cause a medical problem for the new guest.

- Inflatables are permitted in the swimming pools between 11:00 - 18:00 hours all year round. Diving is prohibited in all swimming pools.

- For the benefit of everyone’s enjoyment, please refrain from saving sun beds before 9am. After this time, if you are not using the sun bed then please remember to remove your towels.

- For everyone’s enjoyment, please take advantage of our animation programme and do not play ball games around the pool.

- Music is not to be played on loudspeakers outside of your apartment at any time. When playing music inside your apartment, the volume should be set at a level so that the music does not annoy your neighbours or other guests outside.

- Smoke alarms are fitted in each apartment and are checked regularly by maintenance. We would ask that you do not tamper with the smoke alarms, if you hear a beeping noise, the battery needs to be replaced. Please report this to the main reception immediately.

- All guests are requested to be as quiet and considerate as possible when entertaining on the terrace of the apartment or entering and leaving apartments in the early hours of the morning.

- Respect your (holiday) neighbours!

Resort Services

For your safety and convenience

Once again, we want you to have a relaxing and trouble-free holiday.

Please take note of the following information and tips to ensure that your holiday does indeed stay relaxing and trouble free.

- If any accidents or incidents occur whilst you are holidaying here at Club Las Calas, please make sure you contact reception on ext. 9 within 24 hours so that assistance and reports can then be organised.

- The option of a safety deposit box is available in every apartment; please use it.

- When leaving the apartment, please make sure all doors and windows are locked shut.

- When sleeping, please make sure all entrances are closed.

- Please take care around pool areas as they can be very slippery when wet so please refrain from running in these areas.

- Remember, Reception (ext. 9) closes at midnight, so if you are returning to the resort late, please remember to take your key card with you.

- There are flag poles situated in each swimming pool area. When the green flag is flying, it means there is a lifeguard in attendance, and when the red flag is flying, the lifeguard is not in attendance therefore you are swimming at your own risk. We have a lifeguard on duty from 10:00 until 18:00 hours who will patrol the four pool areas for your safety.

- Please no swimming after 22:00 hours. This is when we carry out the chemical treatment of the pools.

- Please use paper or plastic cups, rather than glass, around the swimming pools.

- Please refrain from using foul or abusive language in communal areas as there maybe children present.

- Pavements in Lanzarote are not always well maintained; please take extra care.

- Please familiarise yourselves with the emergency numbers and evacuation plan in your apartment.

- Balcony and Glass Safety. If you are travelling with young children in your party, please make sure that they are not left unsupervised on the balcony area. Adults and children should remember not to lean over, sit or climb on the balcony wall or railings. The majority of hotels and apartments overseas are not required to install toughened glass in their windows and balcony patio doors. It is recommended that extra care is taken around these areas, particularly in bright sunlight, as it often may not be obvious whether the window or door is open or closed. Encourage children not to run to and from the balcony.

Resort Services

Smoking Policy


For the consideration of our non-smoking clients, we would ask that ALL clients,


in the apartments.

Please use the terrace whilst smoking.

Around the Resort

Please observe the no smoking signs around the resort and outside Skyline and 361.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

No Smoking

No Smoking

No Vaping

No Vaping

Apartment Info

A quick guide to the induction hob

1. The controls are located on the hob itself. The two round controls are for the oven only.

2. To operate induction hob controls.

The sequence is as follows:

Place a metal bottom pan or saucepan on the chosen ring otherwise it will not work.

Switch on by pressing the first icon button on the left.

The rings indicators will light up.

Select the ring you wish to use (the one with the pan) by pressing the control with your finger.

3. Use the + icon to set the temperature, by repeated pressing of + icon will increase the heat.

4. If you wish to turn down the setting press the - icon.

5. If the setting flashes on and off it means the pan is of an incorrect type, the ring is too large for the saucepan being used or inadvertently one of the controls has been activated.

6. To switch off press the icon button

Do not use controls with wet or greasy hands as this can affect a successful attempt.

If you find the child lock indicator on, press the key control icon for 6 seconds to remove.

Apartment Info

How to use your television

TV Remote

Apartment Info

T.V. Channels

TV Channels

Apartment Info


There are three different recycling points around Club Las Calas where you can help the environment by recycling certain waste products.

In front of the resort near to reception, you will find a glass bottle recycling bin and two general waste bins.

Club Las Calas Recycling
Club Las Calas Recycling

At the back of Calas I you will find a glass bottle recycling bin, a paper & card recycling bin, a plastic recycling bin & two general waste bins.

At the back of Calas III you will find a paper & card recycling bin, a plastic recycling bin & a general waste bin.

Club Las Calas Recycling
Green Bin

Green Container
Glass bottles
& glass jars.

Yellow Bin

Yellow Container
Plastic & Metals, plastic
bottles, cans, tins,
Tetra paks
(milk & juice cartons).

Blue Bin

Blue Container
Paper, Card,

Leisure Centre

Our on-site Leisure Centre is located in Calas III.

You will find the entrance at the side of the Bistro 361 restaurant, just Opposite apartments 302 & 303.

Club Las Calas leisure centre

The Leisure centre has a range of activities everyone can enjoy including a fully equipped gym,table tennis, squash/badminton court, pool tables, air hockey, children’s play area and darts.

There is a book swap area, cyber zone and we also offer DVD rentals and pool towel rentals.

Our on-site Mini-shop is also located inside the leisure centre for any essentials.

The Leisure centre is open daily from 09:00 until 19:00

If you have difficulty using steps, then please contact us on extension 741 and we will arrange alternative access to the Leisure Centre.

Leisure Centre

Charlie bear’s kids club is available to all children between 4 – 10 years of age. The kids club is located in the leisure centre, and runs daily from 3pm – 5pm except Thursdays & Sundays.

Club Las Calas Leisure Centre

In July & August we have extended hours for the kids club which is from 11am – 5pm.

Only 3.00€ for a daily pass or why not purchase a weekly pass that costs just 13.00€

The weekly pass also includes a Charlie Bear T-shirt.

In July & August a daily pass is 5.00€ and a weekly Pass is 22.00€

Leisure Centre

The Mini Shop

We have a wide range of products available on-site in our Mini-shop located inside the Leisure Centre.

- Soft drinks, teas & coffee
- Milk, butter & margarine
- Cold meats & cheeses
- Condiments
- Pastas & Sauces
- Breads including frozen English bread
- Biscuits, crackers & pastries
- Crisps & snacks
- Confectionary
- Cereals, jams & spreads
- Toiletries, Sun care & Souvenirs
- and much more...

Club Las Calas Mini Shop

Las Calas Branded Products

Club Las Calas Branded Products

Want something to remind you of your stay at Club Las Calas?

Well we have a selection of personalised products to purchase in the Leisure centre.

The Mini-shop is open every day from 09:00 until 19:00

Extended hours in July & August

We also offer a delivery service on Mondays thru Fridays from 09:00 until 14:00

Leisure Centre

Gymnasium and Squash Court

We have a fantastic onsite gym located inside the leisure centre.

Guests must be a minimum of 16 years of age in order to use the gym. Anyone aged 16 or 17 years must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years at all times when using the gym.

Club Las Calas Gym

Our onsite gym has all the modern equipment needed for those wanting to keep fit during their holiday.

- Treadmill
- Elliptical cross trainer
- Stepper machine
- Recumbent bicycle

- Upright bicycle
- 3 point multi gym
- Free weights
- Benches
- Power tower

Towels are provided for those using the gym.

We have daily & weekly passes available for purchase. Please ask a Member of the leisure centre team for more information.

Squash Court

The Squash court is located just off from our on-site gym. The court can also be used for a game of badminton. Racquets for both squash and badminton are provided or you can bring your own. To book the court, please speak to a member of the leisure centre team.

Leisure Centre

Pool Towel Rental

Pool towels are available to rent from the leisure centre for a small fee of 2€ per towel. The towels are then yours for the duration of your holiday. Once you have finished using them, please return them to the leisure centre.

Book Swap

We have a large selection of books that have all been left by previous guests. You are more than welcome to come and take any books you would like to read. Once you have finished them, please just return them to our book swap so that our future guests can enjoy this facility.

Table Tennis

We have a table tennis table located in the leisure centre. Please be advised there is a small charge to use the table tennis.

Cyber Zone

If you would like to surf the internet, check emails or print any paperwork, this can all be done in the leisure centre using our cyber zone. Please be advised there is a small charge to use this facility.

Pool Tables & Air Hockey

If you fancy a game of pool or air hockey, then we have two pool tables and one air hockey table available which are just 1€ per game.

Darts Board

We have a darts board located inside the Leisure Centre that is available to everyone. Please be advised that children under the age of 16 years, must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years when playing darts.

Leisure Centre

Aloe Vera Products

100% organic sun care products from Natural Tone

When buying sunscreen, protection from UV rays should be your top consideration. Natural sunscreen delivers the best UVA and UVB protection (also known as broad-spectrum coverage).

Natural Tone products are always 100% natural, biodegradable, toxic free, reef friendly and are never tested on animals.

Club Las Calas Aloe Vera

Discover Forever Living Products

For 30 years, Forever Living Products has dedicated itself to seeking out nature's best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world.

Founded in 1978, FOREVER rewrote the book on how to put nature's best Sources for health to work for you.

Aloe First

Soothes burns, rashes, bites & stings. Protects hair in the sun & against chlorine damage. Cools the effects of prickly heat. Soothes chicken pox rash.

Aloe Propolis Cream

Natural antibiotic, great for psoriasis, eczema, chapped skin, rough skin & other skin disorders, soothes nappy rash.

Aloe Heat Lotion

Soothes burns, rashes, bites & stings. Great for pain relief, arthritic joints, headaches & blocked sinuses.

Club Las Calas Forever Living

Aloe Vera Gelly

First aid in a tube. Speeds healing, reduces scarring, good for cuts, bites, burns & stings. Safe to use anywhere you can reach.


Come and join in the

fun with our animation team

Club Las Calas Animation

There is always something happening here at Club Las Calas!

Aqua Aerobics
Darts tournaments
Spanish lesson fun
Fun fit stretching
Killer pool
Cocktail demonstrations
Table tennis tournaments
and much more !!

Please check out the animation programme or ask a member of the leisure centre team for more information.

Bar & Restaurants

Although every apartment at Club Las Calas has been equipped for self-catering, the on-site restaurant offers a wide range of popular dishes and great value for money.


Skyline in Calas II is the place to be if you are looking for a cold beer and a friendly holiday atmosphere.

You can also enjoy happy hour and some great entertainment.

Call Skyline on Extension 710

Club Las Calas Skyline Restaurant
Club Las Calas Bistro 361

Bistro 361

Overlooking the pool area in Calas III, Bistro 361 serves a wide menu of international classics and British favourites including our popular pizza menu.

There are regular specials served including a traditional roast every Sunday throughout the year and then during the summer months, there is the famous Club Las Calas BBQ

Call Bistro 361 on Extension 720

Our resort e-card is the smart, safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash. Pre-load your card with the amount of your choice (minimum €10) and enjoy a 5% discount every time you use your card at Skyline or Bistro 361.

Booking for evening service is advisable. Please send through your requirements to fandb.lascalas@cmslanzarote.com. If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or retirement during your holiday at Club Las Calas, let our fabulous F & B team plan your event. We offer everything from freshly-made celebration cakes to a fully organised party with decorations and catering that fits your budget and tastes.

For further information and planning, email fandb.lascalas@cmslanzarote.com

361 Menu
361 Menu
361 Breakfast and Snacks Menu
361 Breakfast and Snacks Menu
Pizza Menu
Thursday Menu
Sunday Menu
Tuesday Menu
Childrens Menu
Childrens Menu
Late Arrivals Pre OrderMenu
Late Arrivals Pre OrderMenu

The Hub

Membership Services

Do you love Club Las Calas but not sure what to do next?

Well, just pop into The Hub which is situated next to Skyline in Calas II and enquire about holiday ownership.

We have some great choices to suit everyone with both short and long term products.

Always ask us about any offers so that you don’t miss out on a bargain!

The team in The Hub will also be able to help you with all of your ownership needs:

- Assisting with changing your ownership.
- How to upgrade or downsize.
- Move your weeks in the short term or permanently.
- Show you how to utilise what you have or help you find something that is more fitting to your needs.
- Advice on paying your maintenance fee and the different options available.
- Putting your week up for rent or organising a rental week for that extra week’s holiday.

Being an owner at Club Las Calas has some great benefits like your utility fee being given back to you as a voucher to spend in the two on-site bar/restaurant facilities and discounts off all rentals at Club Las Calas.

Customer Liaison

Our Customer Liaison is on hand to assist our Owners and guests with anything they might need during their stay, advise on the best excursions, places to visit, car hire, travel queries or just some holiday guidance. Also helping guests if they are unwell and offering translations where necessary.


*4/6 - 1 bedroom apartments count 4. 2 bedroom apartments count 6

If you find that any items are missing, please report it to reception. If the fire blanket, Torch, TV/DVD remote controls and DVD player are not in the apartment when checked after your departure date, you will be charged for these items.


How did we do?

Compliments & Complaints

The quality of our resort is important to us.
If we get it right or wrong, we would like to know.

Club Las Calas
Calle Guayadeque 3
Puerto del Carmen


Why do we need a Compliments and Complaints procedure?

The Committee, Resort Solutions and the managers and staff at Las Calas aim to provide both owners and guests with a high quality experience. In order to ensure we do so, we need to take account of the views and wishes of all who stay at our resort.

We welcome every opportunity to monitor and improve the facilities and services at the resort and having a Compliments and Complaints procedure policy and a clear procedure for resolving complaints is one way of doing this.

If you wish to comment about the facilities and services at the resort, or the services given by Resort Solutions, whether positive or negative we will be pleased to hear from you.

What can you do?

You can complete the questionnaire at the end of your stay. Each one is looked at individually and all the data is collated into a monthly report which is considered by the committee.

You can make a compliment or a complaint either in person, by telephone or in writing. If you enjoyed your stay then consider sharing that experience on Trip Advisor. You can do this by visiting www.tripadvisor.co.uk and registering your comments.

We hope that the majority of queries, concerns or complaints can be sorted out straight away with the Resort Manager. Other than issues brought to the Resort Managers attention in person, your query will normally be acknowledged within 2 working days and all queries will be responded to within 20 working days.

All issues will be recorded so that we can monitor the response to any problems that may occur.

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Compliments & Complaints

What happens next?

If you feel the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved by the Resort Manager, or if the complaint involves the Resort Manager and you feel unable to discuss it with them, you may write to Resort Solutions Ltd. If the matter is not resolved at this point, you may write to the Chairman of the Owners Committee. In either case they will be acknowledged within 2 working days and responded to within 20 working days.

Your complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. However, if your complaint concerns a member of staff, the person will normally be informed unless you specifically request otherwise, although this may limit the extent of further investigation.

For complaints specific to the service by Resort Solutions, you can contact the Operations Manager who is responsible for the customer service team. Your complaint will be fully investigated and responded to within 28 days.

If you are unhappy with the response you can contact the Managing Director Brad Revell. At this stage the Chairman of the Owners Committee will be copied in on all correspondence. You will receive a response from the Managing Director which has been agreed with the Chairman of the Owners Committee within 10 working days which will be their final decision.

If you are still unhappy

If you are not satisfied you can ask the Chairman for your complaint to be considered by the rest of the Committee, however he will generally have taken their views before responding. This is the final stage of the Complaints procedure but does not affect your right to contact your local ombudsman or commissioner from complaints.

We hope that you will always be satisfied with the facilities and service at the resort and look forward to receiving your comments.

If we get it right or wrong we would like to know.

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Resort Manager:

Rachel Littleworth

Resort Solutions Operations Manager:

01858 431160

Resort Solutions Managing Director:

Brad Revell
01858 431160

Chairman of the Owners Committee:

Ruth Skerry