Apartment rentals

Apartment rentals at Club Las Calas

If you are looking for an extra holiday this year – or maybe more – then an owner rental at Club Las Calas is the ideal opportunity to visit a holiday resort you know and love at a great price.

And because we like to share, these great rental prices are also available to friends and relatives of owners, when travelling at the same time as the owner.

We also have four apartments that are available for use as a Saturday (rather than Thursday) changeover day. If you are interested in using one of these apartments instead of your allocated apartment, then please ring Resort Solutions to check availability and find out how the allocation works. Please do this prior to booking any flights. 

Additionally, if you are looking to book extra nights, then please ring Resort Solutions for prices and to check availability – again please call prior to booking your flights.

For further information on owner rentals at Club Las Calas complete the enquiry form or contact Resort Solutions directly on +44 (0) 1858 431160.

Queries about availability

We have received some comments from owners who have asked for additional nights but have been told there is no availability. However, when they have arrived on-site there have been vacant apartments.

So, how can we have vacant apartments when we could not book you extra nights or rent you an extra week?

Each apartment is owned either by an owner or the club. Club owned weeks can be rented for a full week, offered for additional nights, and are used to facilitate internal exchanges.

However, we are unable to facilitate requests for additional nights and internal exchanges with weeks that have been put up for rent by the owners (owner rentals) as the owner is looking for a full refund on a weekly rate.

There are also times when apartments have been banked with RCI and/or 7 Across and the exchange companies have not confirmed an exchange into the week. In this case, the club is unable to use the apartment.

We try to be as flexible as possible and, of course, it is in everyone’s best interests to rent as many weeks as possible.

Our advice is to look ahead and book as early as possible.

Owner rentals price list 2021

Interested in renting a week at Club Las Calas? Here are the prices for owners:

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