Jane Gilmartin, Member Relations Manager at EUROC, has reported that consumers have advised they are increasingly being cold-called by people that initially identify themselves as KwikChex or a purported ‘official authority’.They have claimed to be from, for example, The Timeshare Council, consumer protection organisations, law firms or court representatives.They are citing supposed cases that have already taken place which entitle the consumers called to a large compensation sum upon payment of an administrative fee.Consumers are asked to be on their guard against these deceptive practices and to report them whenever they occur. If you have received such calls and would like assistance in taking action please contact KwikChex using the following:

Online – via Timeshare Business Check https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/free-assistance/

By phone via the UK Timeshare Helpline: +44 (0)1823 510625

KwikChex services are free to consumers and are vetted and approved by Trading Standards.

If you have any queries after receiving a cold call, please contact Resort Solutions for further information and advice on +44 (0) 1858 431160.