Coronavirus Update 3 – March 17

Questions and answers for owners

Your Committee along with Resort Solutions Ltd (RSL) and your management team in Lanzarote are continuing to review the evolving situation with COVID-19.

As things are changing so rapidly, we must reiterate that the best advice is to check official websites for information about travelling to Spain and about travelling to/from the UK including:




Following the recent update from the UK Government advising against all but essential travel, it is now unlikely that members will be in a position to travel to the resort for several weeks and potentially longer.

In these circumstances we advise that, in the first instance, you should contact your travel insurance provider to fully understand your coverage.

Understandably, RSL has received many enquiries with regards to the options available to owners who cannot travel.

It is important to remember that RSL as our Management Company, act on behalf of the Committee and owners, and they are not a tour operator.

The revenue collected from maintenance fees and rentals is for the benefit of the Club, funding the day-to-day operation of the resort and protecting the longevity of Club Las Calas.

In order to try and offer further clarification to owners, please see the questions and answers below:

Questions and Answers

1 I am due to travel within the next 10 days and my flight is still scheduled. If I travel, will my apartment be available, and will all the usual facilities be open?

Spain declared a State of Emergency (“Estado de Alarma”) on 14 March, which introduces a series of measures including significant restrictions on movement throughout the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak. This applies to all regions of Spain including Lanzarote.

The FCO advises against all but essential travel to the whole country. To keep up to date with the situation visit the FCO website https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain.

People currently still staying at Club Las Calas must adhere to the following regulations which are being imposed by the Spanish Government:

Guests MUST stay in the apartment as much as possible.

Guests should maintain at least one metre distance from other people.

Citizens can only leave their homes individually, on foot or by car, for only the following reasons. This also applies to anyone staying at Club Las Calas or any other resort/hotel in Lanzarote:

  • To buy food;
  • To buy medicines or visit a doctor or health centre;
  • To travel to and from work with certification of employment;
  • To take care of children or elderly relatives;
  • To visit the bank/ restricted hours;
  • To fill up the car at a gas station/only driver no passengers; and
  • To travel to the airport to leave the island.

In line with the law, all pool areas and bars are all closed. However, there is a food order service available from Skyline between 09:00 and 16:30 and between 17:00 and 21:30 from Bistro 361. Guests are not allowed to congregate in any communal areas.

Whilst Club Las Calas remains “open”, and your apartment will be available to you, the restrictions imposed by the Spanish Government are being strictly imposed by the local police. It is your choice if you choose to travel.

Members are advised to regularly check with their airline. Also, remember though there may not be flights to take you home (depending on the length of the lockdown) which we have no control over.

2 My flights are cancelled so I cannot travel. This is not my fault. Why am I being told that I cannot have my maintenance fee refunded or a discount on my maintenance fee next year?

We are all owners with a share in our Club and our club is currently unable to trade and bring in money. This is difficult for everyone and there are no winners in this.

Maintenance is paid to keep Club Las Calas running smoothly and to keep the place looking lovely. Work has to continue whether we have guests on site or not.

The Committee is responsible for securing the long-term stability of Club Las Calas and to ensure that we remain financially viable so all members have the opportunity to continue holidaying at Club Las Calas as and when travel restrictions are lifted.

Resort Solutions (our management company) act on our behalf to this end. If members were to receive a refund on their maintenance fees this would have a significant adverse effect on the Club’s financial situation, which would not be sustainable.

This an unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, and whilst the Committee and management have every sympathy with members who may lose their weeks, it is the Committee’s duty to ensure we have a Club which is still fully operational as and when we get through this crisis.

It is worth also considering that the maintenance fees support the salary costs associated with our dedicated resort staff (who we all value so highly) who continue to be employed even with minimal occupancy.

So, in summary, by offering compensation or refunds we could put the long-term future of the Club in jeopardy e.g. it may no longer be sustainable.

3 What are my options if I cannot/decide not to travel.

Following the update from the UK Government on Tuesday 17th March advising against all non-essential travel overseas for the next 30 days it is now unlikely that any members will be in a position to travel to Lanzarote and, as such, we advise that in the first instance you should contact your travel insurance provider to fully understand your coverage.

Alternatively, you could consider depositing your week with an exchange provider (RCI or Dial an Exchange) to use at a later date to a destination within their resort portfolio.

In addition, Resort Solutions will continue to offer internal exchanges for use later in the same financial year in line with standard procedures (the start date of your week needs to be a minimum of eight weeks away in order to request an internal exchange).

However, as the travel advice and circumstances evolve, it is difficult to know when travel restrictions will be lifted allowing us to travel back to Club Las Calas this year.

4 I rented a week. Can I have the rental money back?

Please check with your insurance provider to understand your cover. We are unable to refund the money as per the terms and conditions of the rental, but you will have your letter stating the cost of your rental which can be provided to your insurer.

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